How do senior living facilities and old age homes differ from one another?

Numerous people in the general population have experienced profound changes in their lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of the pandemic, seniors over 55 have experienced a variety of problems, including; isolation, boredom, lack of activity, security and safety concerns, difficulty managing household tasks, and fear of contracting the coronavirus. Due to this circumstance, it is now more important than ever for them to search for a community that can assist them in resolving all of their daily problems. Even their distant relatives and close friends are worried.

In this situation, the senior community would like to relocate to a neighborhood that could support them in leading an active lifestyle, living in safety and security, and having people their own age nearby to socialize with, resulting in hassle-free daily life with the household chores being taken care of by maintenance staff, and having age-friendly amenities close by.

With longer life expectancies and better medical facilities, India’s senior population is rapidly expanding. According to studies, by 2050, the population of the nation will consist of almost 20% of people over the age of 60.

Senior Living Homes with the trust of a Brand

Senior Living Homes are still a relatively new concept in Northern India, but many real estate developers have begun to build them recently, including Max Antara Noida Sector 150.

This project, which was established in 2010, is a Shangri-La for seniors or those looking to purchase retirement residences in Noida. It is a stunning commune that houses thousands and thousands of elderly people who live comfortably, peacefully, and without hassles.

It is a masterfully designed residential community that is exclusively for senior citizens. It is ideally situated in Noida’s sector 150 and provides senior citizens in Noida with ultra-luxurious yet reasonably priced 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK retirement homes, as well as a host of luxurious amenities and housekeeping services that make life in retirement easier and more enjoyable.

These are first-rate housing options for senior citizens that are fully furnished with a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities as well as contemporary housekeeping services. They also offer pollution- and noise-free environments, both of which are essential for leading a simple, peaceful life. To put it simply, Antara Senior Living in Noida Sector 150 is a place that enables senior and elderly couples to live freely under the protection of safety and security and allows them to reconnect with themselves while taking advantage of the presence of comfort, luxury, and nature.

Key features: Old Age Homes & Senior Living Homes

1. Facilities:

Independent living apartments created specifically for seniors make up retirement communities. They offer all the amenities one can expect to find in a typical residential apartment building, plus added amenities for the benefit of senior citizens.
Each apartment has a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a balcony, a kitchen, and a dining room. One can have complete control over their apartment, plenty of room to live independently, and opportunities to socialize and interact with other seniors who live in nearby residential apartments with similar amenities.

However, since senior living communities are built for seniors, the majority of apartments have a number of accessibility features, including gentle slopes, anti-skid floors, chamfered wall edges, easy-reach light switches, night switches in the bedrooms, grab rails in the bathrooms, emergency response system, and more. At the same time, we are familiar with the idea that old age homes only provide the most basic amenities. Seniors can anticipate it to be like an institution where they can spend their golden years unburdened by household responsibilities. But beyond that, senior housing lacks important amenities. They will be given access to sleeping quarters, which are typically shared with a few other seniors or are dormitories, as well as a common dining room, visitor lounge, and public restrooms.

2. Infrastructure:

Retirement communities are built with seniors’ comfort and convenience in mind from the start, and this is evident in the infrastructure. Some of the common services and infrastructure one can see at paid senior citizen living homes in a retirement village include open grounds with well-kept lawns, an abundance of recreational facilities like gyms, indoor and outdoor games, common community halls, and restaurant-style cafeterias.

Whereas, Seniors only receive the most basic infrastructure in old age homes. Most senior citizens are given a bed and a cabinet to store their clothing and belongings; they are not given private rooms or bathrooms. Individual space is minimal.

3. Health Care:

The presence of trained medical staff who reside on campus and can offer first aid and urgent medical care in case of emergencies is a significant benefit of senior living communities. Additionally, each retirement community has a relationship with a prestigious hospital where residents can receive regular medical exams and treatments. They can choose to drive themselves to the check-up locations or ask the staff to drop them off.

The majority of senior living facilities also offer additional healthcare assistance and care when necessary. Seniors who have limited mobility and need extra care can also receive additional in-home services like physiotherapy, bathing, medicated dressing, feeding, and grooming.

Senior living facilities sometimes have on-site, trained medical personnel. In the majority of cases, old age homes offer their residents treatment at a nearby hospital in the event of illness or an emergency.

4. Food and Nutrition:

Individuals can eat restaurant-style meals in a retirement community that is prepared fresh, deliciously, and according to their unique dietary needs. They won’t have to worry about meal planning, grocery shopping, or spending hours in the kitchen if they take a break from cooking.

On the other hand, In nursing homes for the elderly, meals are served in a cafeteria that is modeled after a mess hall. Based on their dietary preferences, they can select either vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. In most cases, the resident has no say in the menu selection.

5. Welcoming Family & Friends:

They own their apartment in a retirement community, so they can continue to receive and host their children, grandchildren, other relatives, and friends as they would in their typical home.

But residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities can only receive friends and family during set visiting hours. Additionally, they won’t be able to bring your kids or grandchildren with them.

6. Recreation and Entertainment:

They can have all the magnificent chances to make their inner self happy like never before in senior living communities. To help them make the most of their senior years, a variety of activities will be available to them on campus.

Senior living communities offer them a variety of leisure pursuits to keep them occupied, including yoga, swimming, gyms and fitness centers, indoor game rooms, and meditation spaces.

The best part is that they can join a group of like-minded friends, neighbors, and family. Even after retirement, the emotional support network offered by senior communities enables them to live long, healthy, and happy life.

Apart from standard TV viewing areas, most nursing homes for the elderly don’t offer much in the way of recreation and entertainment.

7. Safety and Security:

Senior living communities and old age homes both benefit from safety and security. On-campus security personnel keep an eye on the area and are on hand to help seniors in an emergency. Senior living facilities are watched over by trained staff, and there are CCTV cameras installed at every angle for round-the-clock surveillance. Each apartment in senior living communities typically has an emergency response system. They no longer have to be concerned about their safety and medical care in a senior living community thanks to on-call doctors, alert ambulances, and round-the-clock emergency care.

8. Lifestyle and Emotional Support System:

After age 55, loneliness and a lack of nearby peers present the biggest challenges for seniors, both of which have a negative impact on their emotional well-being. In a retirement community, there are many residents who are of similar age or older.

Additionally, one can expand their social circle and meet people who share their interests because of the abundance of interesting activities and entertainment options. Retirement communities are active settings where they can take advantage of the best company and emotional support during one’s second season.

Even though there are many elderly people living close to old-age homes, the residents feel very confined there. They lack the room or amenities necessary for a full-fledged social life.


Senior living communities in India today are comparable to those offered around the world, thanks to their high-end facilities and services, detailed infrastructure, and trained staff that attends to the healthcare and other needs of senior citizens.

A memorable season two will serve as a fitting compensation for all the difficulties and sacrifices one has made during those busy working years.
Instead of procrastinating and freaking out, try to visit all the options and gather feedback and opinions that will aid in decision-making. As It’s important to make the right choice when deciding where to live after retirement.